Domestic Flights

There is one domestic airline servicing flights from San Jose (SJO) to Limon (LIM) and back. Sansa airline has a terminal next door to the SJO international airport and is a short walk that takes less then 5 minutes to reach the terminal. When staying at a hotel the night before your shuttle or taxi can drop you off directly at Sansa's terminal.

Note: larger groups may want to consider ground transportation due to weight restrications for baggage.

Sansa Airlines

Flight times: *Preffered times by Tarponville 

San Jose (SJO) to Limon (LIO)- 6:35am, *11:45pm, 2:00pm 
Limon (LIO) to San Jose (SJO)- 7:30am, *12:50pm, 3:15pm 
(Flight times may vary, please check with airline) 

Note: Same day arrivals to Tarponville possible if arriving into San Jose before last departing flight time. 

Note: Flights arriving into Limon on the early flight can add a half day of fishing to package (please confirm with Tarponville prior to purchasing).


  • Larger groups may want to consider ground transportation due to space and weight restrications for baggage.
  • Tarponville is not liable for any fees associated with non arrival of luggage.  
  • Refer to flight restricitions and max baggage weight prior to booking at TRAVEL INFORMATION.
  • Tarponville is not liable or responsible for any fees associated with non-arrival of bags.
  • All late arrival of bags will need to be cooridinated directly with Sansa Air and Tarponville is not an operating partner.
  • Weather warning: if flights are unable to fly due to bad weather, ground transportaion will be needed.  


For additional shuttle information visit our Ground Transportaion Page for more details.