About Us

The History of Tarponville

Tarponville was established by Jim and Ann Diberardinis in 2001. Jim and Ann have been a part of the community since 1989. Ann formed and started the non-profit "Talamanca Dolphin Foundation" in Manzanillo in 1998. This lead to visitation from student groups and internships of students and the need to train local guides in conducting tours for the Dolphin. These are the some of the same guides that still work for Tarponville now. Jim could not resist the temptation of putting a hook into these massive Tarpon that he was seeing during the the dolphin tours. Tarponville has become the only full service fishing lodge in this area of  Costa Rica.

And something new is happening in Tarponville right now!! 

Paolo and Giuliano are working tirlessly to improve the service Tarponville offers to it's clients and friends… Yes we proudly say that we have more friends than clients… Just try it and you will feel it yourself.

The Team

Paolo Zoletto

Owner and Host

Paolo, is a true flyfishing addicted and he fell in love with Tarponville and it's tarpons since the very first time he found himself fighting against those beasts. His love and passion brought him to join the team.

Giuliano Martelli

Owner and Host

Giuliano, is born and raised in Bologna, Italy. He owns and operates a fly fishing retail store in Italy and when he is not there, he is hosting groups around the globe for Fly Fishing. During certain times of the season you will be hosted by Giuliano to help you with any questions you may have on fishing techniques, fishing gear, or just want to talk fish.