Tailing Triggers

Our Trigger's here in Costa Rica mainly the "Oceanic Grey Trigger". These fish see little to no fishing pressure as they are just targeted by local fisherman or tourists.

These fish can be seen tailing on the reefs close to the beach as well as cruising the deeper water cuts within the reefs.

They are a great fish to target by panga as well.. Be sure to take your trigger rod when you go out and maybe you can connect with one yourself!

Interested in just a Trigger session? Let us know...


We recommend 8-9wt rods for fishing Trigger fish. Most fish average 3-8 pounds. You will want a strong enough rod to keep the fish from darting into the coral or to turn the fishes head away from any danger that he can get tangled in and brake you off. Reels should be a mid- large arbor with a reliable drag and capable of holding a minimum of 150 yards of backing.

Lines (fly lines, backing) 
A floating line matching the weight of rod with a presentation taper or a quick pick up line is recommended. Most fish you will cast at are tailing or cruising fish while wading on the reef or walking the beach on foot. Backing should be 25- 30 pound (heavier is fine) and a minimum length of 150 yards.

Leaders/ tippets 
Tapered leaders of 12-16lb test in 9-12ft length. I recommend starting out with 16lb and dropping down to 12lb if the fish are not responding. Have tippet in both 16lb and 20lb to replace cut off leader or to add length to your leader for presentation.

Accessories and other items
Our trigger flats and reefs consist of sharp coral and sand mixed with patches of turtle grass. When wading from the beach we recommend having a fully enclosed shoe to offer protection from the Sea Urchins and sharp coral. 

Other items to consider and have for our fishery and area
Line cutters, hook sharpener, pliers, sun protection, rain gear, hat, flat sneakers or zip up booty (if planning on fishing the flat or reefs), water proof boat bag/ fishing pack.


Below is a list of fly selections to cover you for this fishery. If you have flies that have worked for you in Mexico, Belize, Florida and the Bahamas – bring them – they will work here too.

Recommended Trigger Fishing Gear

  • 1x 8-10wt rods (if you have a backup bring it just in case) 
  • 1x Floating fly line to match the rod weight (bring back up if oyu have one) 
  • 5x Tappered leaders 12-16lb 
  • Tippet/ leader material- 12lb, 16lb, 20lb, 30lb (20 and 30 for shock or bite tippet for fishing jacks and lagoon or reefs) 
  • Flies- 1x Permit box 
  • Flats sneaker/ Simms zip up booty (for permit and reef fishing-the reefs are very sharp) 
  • Boat bag (water proof is preferred, keep your gear dry) 
  • Wading bag (hip/ back pack- water proof preferred) 
  • Polarized sunglasses x 2 
  • Pliers/ line cutters/ Hook sharpeners 
  • long-sleeved UV protective shirts 
  • Hat 
  • Quick dry pants/ shorts 
  • Sun buff/ face shield/ sun gloves

*Please make sure and bring all necessary and recommended tackle with you. Due to limited space and demand Tarponville has limited amounts of tackle on site. 

*For your non angling and other packing lists "see packing list" located in your "travel information packet".