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Other species tackle list

Most other species are caught while fishing for Tarpon at the river mouth. These fish will include jacks, snapper, mackerel, and snook, just to name a few. There is no additional gear needed and tarpon outfits are fine for these fish.

If you are looking to target specific "other species" we have listed the gear needed below specific to that species.

Jacks/ Bonito/ Mackerel-
Rod/Reels: 9-10wt rods/ mid- large arbor reels
Fly line/ backing: Intermediate sink/ 30-40lb backing with minimum length of 150-200yards.
Leader/ tippets: 15-25 pound test with bite section of 30-40 pound
Flies: deceivers, EP baitfish, deep water clousers, surface poppers

Rod/Reels: 8-9wt rods/ mid- large arbor
Fly line/ backing: Floating/ 30-40lb backing with minimum length of 150-200yards.
Leader/ tippets: 12-16 pound tapered leaders/ 12 and 16lb tippet
Accessories: Flats boots or zip up booty for walking on reef.
Flies: Merkin crab, Kungfu grab, Avalon Shrimp, Peglusi mantis shrimp

Tuna, Bonito, Dorado- (please check with Mark prior to planning blue water)
Rod/Reels: 10-12 wt
Fly line/ backing: intermediate/ 30-40lb backing with minimum length of 150-200 yards.
Leader/ tippets: 20 pound tapered leaders/ 20, 30, 40 tippets and leader material
FLies: EP bluewater baitfish, deceivers, poppers