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Lagoon Fishing

Rod/Reels- 8-10wt rods (same as permit set up) with a fast action for tight loops and strength to pull flies out of snagged mangroves. Mid to large arbor reels with reliable drag.

Lines- (fly lines, backing) A floating line matching the weight of rod. Intermediate sink tips can be added if more depth if needed. Backing should be of 25- 30 pound (heavier is fine) and a minimum length of 150 yards.

Leaders/ tippets- Tapered or straight leaders of 16-20lb test in 5-8ft length. Have tippet in 16lb, 20lb, and 30lb (20 and 30 pound for bite). Add a 12" bite section of 20-30lb for Tarpon and snook.

Accessories and other items- We fish the Lagoon either by boat, if there is access depending on water level, or by kayak. When fishing by kayak your items and yourself will be getting wet so a waterproof bag is recommended.

Other items to consider and have for our fishery and area: Line cutters, hook sharpener, pliers, sun protection, rain gear, hat, water proof boat bag/ fishing pack.  Page - Lagoon Tack

Recommended Lagoon Gear:

  • 1x 8-10wt rods (if you have a backup bring it just in case)
  • 1x Floating fly line to match the rod weight (bring back up if you have one)
  • 5x Tappered leaders 16- 20lb
  • Tippet/ leader material- 20lb, 30lb (20 and 30 for shock or bite tippet)
  • Flies- 1x lagoon box (see Lagoon fishing page for specific flies patterns and suggestions)
  • Boat bag/ Pack (water proof is preferred, keep your gear dry)
  • Polarized sunglasses x 2
  • Pliers/ line cutters/ Hook sharpeners
  • long-sleeved UV protective shirts
  • Hat
  • Quick dry pants/ shorts
  • Sun buff/ face sheild/ sun gloves